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Hidden Trinkets by Mary

Bad Vibes Be Gone! Crystal Confetti Mix

Bad Vibes Be Gone! Crystal Confetti Mix

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The Bad Vibes Be Gone Crystal confetti mix are curated to help alleviate any negative emotions and protects your aura from outside influences that would affect your emotional and mental health. With crystals that aid in healing and protection, this is a great mix to have at times of needing guidance, helping with communication, and believing and trusting in yourself to choose the right path in life.

Each scoop is unique and will be packaged with intentions to help you make your life better and more fulfilling. Please keep in mind that each scoop is unique and may or may not contain a tower or bracelet. But at least one or the other. Each tumble, Crystal chips and other charms was selected carefully to maximize the effect of riding negative energies around you and turning them into good energy. Each scoop is 1/3 cup and will most likely be a little over that :)

Crystals in this mix are as follows:

Clear Quartz (master healer - amplifier of other crystals)
Rainbow Moonstone (balancing, provides confidence to the user)
Labradorite (stone of transformation, protection)
Black Obsidian (removes any spiritual blockages, releases stress and brings forth good vibes)
Blue Lace Agate (stone of communication, great for manifesting, provides confidence)
Garden Quartz (brings loving energy to your life, grounding stone)
Opalite (enhances emotional connections, calming)
Amazonite (promotes all forms of creativity, soothes a notional trauma, brings good luck)
Lepidolite (stone of transition, nurtures the state of mindfulness)
Fluorite (promotes inner peace, stabilizes emotions)
Amethyst (stone of peace, great for meditation , shields against negative energy)
Rainbow Aura Quartz (assists with communication with angels and spirited guides for divine wisdom)
Turquoise (brings good fortune, cleanses negative energy)
Aquamarine (calming and represents hope)
Rose Quartz (self love, unconditional love)
Aquamarine (happiness, hope, everlasting youth)
Smokey Quartz w/ Rainbow (grounding, balances emotions, protection from negative energies)
Garnet (increase willpower and resistance to all things negative)
Evil Eye Charms (protection, wards of any I’ll intentions)

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Absolutely love this !! They are always so beautiful


Loved everything I got